Current Role (Feb 2019 - current)

Lead Software Developer at KIPR(KISS Institute for Practical Robots)


Last Project (Aug 2016-Dec 2018)

Web-based application for USDA to keep track of animals in their research labratories. A live application can be seen here

I was working with the US Department of Agriculture as an IT Consultant from the position of Research Assistant at University of Oklahoma. I am helping them move from Books and Papers based database into Online based MySQL database. Using this database is helping them keep track of changes about the animals they experiment upon. It is also helping them to make new changes much more effectively because the researchers are not needed to spend a lot of time in entering the data and can spend more time on analyzing the data and continuing with the research. You can see the website USDA-ARS is using to save their data into the database.


Previous Projects

  1. Designed and built a prototype model for “Intelligent Alerting and Braking system” as a part of 6th sem project.
  2. Built an Android App named “Gesture controlled Music player” as a part of 5th sem project.
  3. Built a Windows App named “INDIAN GODS” as a part of workshop conducted by windows in 2012-2013.
  4. Designed and built a “Solar Lantern” as a part of Social Innovation during Bachelor’s.
  5. 3D modeling and fabrication of a “Bluetooth Speaker” as a part of Product Development and Realization (PDR).
  6. Designed and built PCBs using the Eagle, Autotrax and Express PCB software as a part of selfassessment in 3rd and 4th sem.
  7. Worked on “Network management system (NMS)” as a part of project in Bachelor’s Degree.